The Personal Credibility Factor By Sandy Allgeier
The High-Powered HR Pro: Boost Your Personal Credibility, Your Organizational Consulting Skills…and Your Company’s Bottom Line

Human Resources professionals know there has been a paradigm shift. The best HR people are clearly impacting business results through strategic contribution. But…

  • HOW does this happen? What are the skills and necessary steps to build those skills?
  • What does it really take to have this type of impact? 
  • How can you apply the business consulting and partnering techniques often associated with high-powered organizational consulting firms?

The powerful seminar will provide specific and meaningful insight for developing this sought-after skill set. Attend to enhance your personal capabilities and advance your career. Or, come with your entire HR team and boost your organization’s consulting capabilities overall!

Through discussion and application exercises, you will focus on…

  • What is organizational consulting and who are organizational consultants?
  • Developing an organizational model for HR consulting
  • The impact of personal credibility on consulting outcomes
  • Gaining insight into communication styles—and learning how to flex styles based on client needs
  • Phases of consulting
  • The consulting contract
  • Making the human-to-human connection
  • Questioning and listening—a template for success
  • Overcoming resistance through constructive disagreement
  • Defining and overcoming organizational barriers for consulting success

This interactive, energizing, and immediately applicable one-day seminar is provided by Sandra Allgeier, SPHR, and Cathy Fyock, SPHR. These HR consulting professionals have led HR departments, serve as faculty members for the Society of Human Resource Management, and are regular speakers for SHRM’s national conference. They bring a wealth of practical experience to the topic—and are known for actively engaging participants.


Sandy Allgeier

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